“Hajj was a wonderful and enjoyable journey with the team from Daar Aisha. Everything ran smoothly throughout the trip. For a woman i would only recommend going with Daar Aisha. Women need access to a woman of knowledge when in Hajj as it can be tedious and time consuming relying on their husbands/brothers to ask the sheikh a question. Under the guidance of Um Abdur Rahman I was able to get clarification on any concerns and with our structured lessons gain a deeper understanding of Hajj and a spiritual connection to my Lord and the Prophet Muhamad (s.a.w). I would recommend anyone to go with Daar Aisha. I met a beautiful group of women that I would gladly do Hajj again with”    [Anonymous]

“My husband and I were very fortunate last year to have been invited to the House of Allah, Alhamdullilah!
We prepared ourselves with what we can – from the right walking shoes to the most breathable clothing, however when it came to mental preparation we were clueless.
By the Grace of Allah we were able to travel on this lifetime journey with Al Haramain, who helped us to mentally prepare.
We were truly blessed to have received the opportunity to have travelled with Shaykh Abdul Moez and Umm AbduRahman, who guided us to a Hajj experience we could have never expect. Every moment of our journey was filled with talks that motivated us to reconnect that bond between us and Allah and His Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam.
We believe that travelling with people who have intimate and comprehensive knowledge of the sacred cities- Haramayn, Hajj and Umrah rites brought us the full benefit of this beautiful experience. Medina was brought alive with nightly lessons outside the Prophet’s sallallahu alayhi wa salam grave and the experience of Hajj and Mecca was deepened with their presence and instruction”
[Nena and Hamza]

“Hajj is a journey that sets the tone for the rest of your life. It is an experience that leaves you wanting to be closer than ever to the Almighty Allah SWT. Such an important journey requires careful planning and precision because we do not know if this precious invitation will be extended to us again. The Al Haramain Hajj package fulfils all the needs of the pilgrim with expert scholars who endeavour to look after your spiritual, safety and physical needs. You are guided every step of the way with what to do, where and when. The transport, accommodation and meals are of the highest quality in Medina, Makkah and Mina allowing the pilgrim to focus solely on their Hajj rites rather than worrying about discomfort and safety. What better way to experience Hajj than staying in a hotel that is part of the Haram and steps away from the beautiful and grand Kaaba. Al Haramain allowed me to have a stress free, worry free Hajj Alhamdulillah”    [Zeena]

“My overall experience with Al Haramain was great. They were with us with every step of the way, from the moment we made our intentions to the moment we completed our Hajj.
Al-Haramain was constantly dedicated by delivering convenience, comfort and cost savings to there Hajjej. They also provided us with educational programs/lectures on the rites of Hajj prior to our trip and throughout the sacred journey of Hajj. The one thing i really enjoyed was having first-hand experience and in-depth knowledge of the region’s history and Islamic rulings from our Sheiks and teachers. And the one thing you will never forget for the rest of your life is your first hajj trip and i couldnt have chosen anyone better than Al-Haramain to make my journey a even better one”  
[Mr. and Mrs. B.]

“Bismillah. Many times you hear people say they’re happy that ‘hajj is out of the way’ and their facial expressions don’t fall short of saying- wow was it tough! So one may enter hajj expecting the unexpected- but with the Lutf of Allah and the amazing package secured by Al-Haramain Hajj group you get an incredibly blessed Hajj experience. Who could complain when your hotels are on the Haram? You eat sleep and drink on Sacred ground. Rasulullah salallahualayhwasalam is your Neighbour and the Ka’ba is at your doorstep- the whole time. MashaAllah the teachers and guides do their utmost to keep one on top with the fiqh of hajj and they blessed us with side trips that mapped the holy lands of Allah for us. One never feels aloof or unsure as our teachers and guides really exhaust themselves for our sake. We came out sad that hajj is out of the way and praying for the next one. May Allah grant us many more with such a blessed group. Ameen barakAllahu fikum to the organisers.’     [Ahmad & Shaimaa]

“My feedback about hajj with al harmian group was excellent, everything from the hotel we stayed at In madina was one minute to the masjid al nabawi, the hotels were both fantastic in madina and in Mecca staying right next to the haram was amazing , the view from our apartments was an amazing view of the haram. The meals were excellent in Mina and the tents were very comfortable. The best part was being with the best leaders Shaykh Abdel Moez & Ustadtha um abdelrahman who daily gave us inspirational lectures about how to really connect and understand the importance of hajj and spiritual journey way of hajj and all its vitures and also always there for us. The Airlineflights where very excellent. From the start of the journey to the end with al harmain hajj group was very excellent experiences from the hotels, traveling by buses,the hot
meals was wonderfull experience.
[S. Slave of Allah]

“Hajj 2012 was unlike any other hajj. I am positive that had I been with another group I would have gone through my hajj rites blindly and with no or limited substance to them. Al Haramain hajj group has the most amazing and knowledgable scholars as our guides under the supervision of Shaykh Abdel Moez. Um Abd rahaman gave us detailed talks relating to the place we were and constantly had us in tears. Through her I was able to appreciate all that our beloved prophet (PBUH) has done for this ummah and really got to know and love him…. And that was just Medina. Macca was another story altogether. This is where I was free of all the daily life distractions and was able to really worship Allah from the deepest part of my heart.
The first sight of the kabba was sureal and as each day passed my love for it grew as we were told stories about its history and even the precious little birds that made tawaf around it.
We went on excursions and saw the magnificence of Mt Uhud and the simplicity of khadijahs (RA) grave site amongst many other historical places. I also made the best friends on the holiest ground and I know these women will always hold a special part in my heart. As hajj time approaches again I find myself overcome with a yearning to go back to visit habib Allah (PBUH), to step foot into Al Rowda and to gaze upon the Kabba with Um Abd Rahman standing beside me as we often did. If Allah (swt) invites you this year then you must go with Al Haramain. You will be the envy of other hajj groups just as we were”     [Anonymous]

“The 2011 package was great overall, comfortable transport, top of the range accommodation, etc.. The bonus with AlHaramain is having scholars and a female teacher guiding us throughout the entire journey and not leaving any doubts with regards to the ritesof Hajj. The daily lessons (along with all the extra rituals we did together i.e salawat in Madinah) were invaluable as no other group from Sydney offered what AlHaramain offered to the females. Having you there as our mum is what every female on a hajj trip needs and your support was greatly appreciated and won’t be forgotten. My husband also had a great experience with access to Sheikh AbdulMoez and Sheikh AbdulKarim whenever he had a question or when doubtful about a certain matter. Based on what I’ve experienced and what I’ve heard from other groups, AlHaramain does offer the most impressive package in Sydney. Therefore May Allah (swt) reward you and everyone involved with AlHaramain for your efforts in making our Journey to the House of The All Mighty a most memorable one. Jazakumallah Khayran”   [Randa]

 ”Well an amazing most inspiring experience of a lifetime. A journey to another world where you find your real true love…ALLAH swt and HIS beloved prophet s.a.s. No words can describe the feelings, no heart can forget,All thanks is due to Allah swt who guides , that He guided us to al Haramain Hajj Group, they really fulfilled every promise and more and truly dedicated themselves and fulfilled their commitment to ALL the hujjaj. May Allah swt reward Al Haramain Hajj Group the highest Jannah and all those associated to it. I’m still not sure if it was Haj or a holiday. All I know is I wana go back”   [Mona Chami]

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